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The sanitization of the air ducts

The sanitization of the air ducts

Cleaning and sanitizing the air ducts is very important, it is a periodic operation, essential to maintain the good efficiency of the aeraulic systems, in compliance with the regulations and for the quality of the air in indoor environments which affects the good health of those who lives.

Why sanitize the air ducts?

The sanitization of the air ducts has the purpose of eliminating dirt, dust and most pollutants, such as dusty particles and pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, molds, spores, fungi, viruses that are deposited in the air ducts and on the discontinuity points of the aeraulic systems, on the heat exchange coils, on the shutters, between the fins and in the filters.

The particles made up of dirt and pollutants hinder the correct exchange of air in aeraulic systems and constitute a source of chemical and microbiological contamination of the indoor air.

Due to indoor air pollution there may be cases of ailments and illnesses affecting the occupants of buildings equipped with dirty and inefficient mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems.

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The main advantages of cleaning the air ducts

The advantages of Livermore Hvac constant periodic maintenance of the air ducts , aeraulic systems and air conditioners are many and should not be underestimated, in fact the punctual cleaning of the ducts allows:

  • to reduce energy costs by improving the efficiency of the aeraulic system
  • to make the indoor air healthier, avoiding the onset of diseases
  • to eliminate sources of allergy from pollen and dust
  • to suppress the possible presence of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi
  • to check the possibility of contamination by the Legionella bacterium and then proceed with the elimination.