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What are the risks of selling a house without a real estate agency?

The Role of Home Buying Companies

Are you thinking of selling a house without relying on a real estate agency? Before making this important decision, read our guide dedicated to the main risks of selling a house without a real estate agency.

And if you realize that the risks are too many, we’ll help you understand how to avoid them by choosing the right real estate agency.

Errors in the presentation of documentation

The possible penalties for those who sell a house as a private individual

2.How to manage the risks of selling a house with professionals

3.How to choose the right real estate agency

Risks of selling a house without a real estate agency

That sale that never comes

The greatest and most widespread risk of selling a private home would be precisely not being able to sell or prolonging the sale so long as to have to sell off. A sale that never comes can depend on many factors including a series of mistakes that can be made by the seller due to lack of experience in the sector https://www.atticushomebuyers.com/

Let’s see what are the main mistakes of the seller that involve the risk of not being able to sell the property.

Giving an incorrect estimate of the value of the property

The most crucial moment in the sale of a property is that of estimating its value and therefore identifying the right selling price.

This is because the evaluation of a house is a complicated process that must take into account a very large number of variables.

The risk for a private individual is that of not having the means to identify and evaluate all these variables which are linked to the characteristics of the property but also to the trend of the real estate market.

For this reason, many serious buyers often avoid direct private sales as prices are unlikely to be in line with the current market.

Individuals tend to overestimate the price of their home to try to get the most out of their sale and because they are misled by sentimental value.  To find the price, they look at local announcements or refer to the original purchase price of the property without evaluating any market ups and downs.