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How To Compare PA Electricity

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Pennsylvania offers its business and residents numerous ways to reduce electricity costs. Pennsylvania is a leader in energy deregulation and allows you to choose the electricity provider that is best suited to your budget. This competitive market empowers consumers and helps them avoid higher winter prices. There are a variety of choices for consumers to think about and include plans that help renewable energy projects.

PA Powerswitch, the website of the Public Utility Commission, is a great tool to compare electricity rates in Pennsylvania. This tool lets you to compare rates between various suppliers as well as your local utility company. You will still be charged for the transport of electricity to your office or home as well as for maintaining lines and transformers. These costs will be reflected on your utility bill in the “Price to Compare” section.

There are more than 100 electric prices licensed by the state of Pennsylvania. Some are big national companies that have a presence all over the country. Others are smaller regional companies. The kind of plan that’s best for your needs will be contingent on your preferences for usage and other factors. Many residential and small-business customers opt for a plan that has a fixed rate. This option will aid you in planning for the future and reduce price fluctuations.

As a major manufacturing hub Pennsylvania uses a large amount of energy. Its industrial sector represents the largest percentage of its energy consumption at 35%, while transportation and commercial use the second largest amount. However, despite its importance in the Keystone State, the Keystone State is not immune to rising energy rates. It is crucial to be aware of your options and use the tools available to you.

Pennsylvania’s energy market was deregulated in 1996 with the Electric Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act. The state’s public utilities will continue to supply and maintain the distribution system that provides electricity to businesses and homes. However, the law permits for alternative energy providers to compete with traditional utility companies for your business. This creates a market where you can choose your own energy suppliers.

Consumers can switch their energy provider through the PUC’s PA Powerswitch website. You can switch to a new provider to reduce your electricity costs or improve your energy efficiency. Switching providers is easy and you can begin saving money right away.

The deregulation process has made it easier than ever to find a low Pennsylvania energy cost. Enter your zip code to find the best energy providers near you in the SaveOnEnergy marketplace. You can then use the filters to narrow your results based on what you prefer. We’ll highlight all plans and rates available to you, and make it easy for you to choose one that fits your budget and lifestyle. On our energy resources page you can read up on common Pennsylvania energy plans. Contact us today to talk directly with an expert in energy who can discuss your individual energy needs.