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Benefits Of Hiring Theft Lawyer In Chicago

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Typically, theft offenses involve taking another person’s property to deny – that person access to or benefit from it in the future. The specific theft charge you face will depend on the details of your case and the many different sorts of theft charges. You will require an identity theft lawyer chicago from our office to aid you with your case.

State Law

Under 720 ILCS 5/16, theft gets covered. TRy to hire an identity theft lawyer chicago. According to the law, a person commits theft when they:

  • Illegal control over another person’s property gets exercised or taken.
  • Gain control of another person’s property by fraud.
  • Threatens another person to gain control over their property.
  • Takes possession of stolen goods with the knowledge that it got stolen or under circumstances that would reasonably cause one to suspect that it got stolen.
  • Takes possession of property that any law enforcement officer or someone acting on their behalf has expressly represented to the person as stolen or has presented to the person in a way that would make them believe the property got stolen.


Theft by deception is one particular type of theft. Theft by deception occurs when the accused falsely represents to be permitted to take something of value from the victim, unlike conventional theft – when the victim and the perpetrator do not meet. Theft by deceit includes lying, misrepresenting the truth, deceiving someone into thinking they are receiving something in return for another item, and fraudulently convincing someone to sign a contract.

The legal argument that the victim voluntarily surrendered the criminal their possession or property is inadmissible in theft by deception cases.

Criminal defendants accused of stealing by deceit may face additional charges, such as fraud and forgery.

hiring a lawyer

Legitimate legal defenses

To be found guilty of theft, the prosecution must prove that the defendant took the victim’s property while fully aware that it got taken and robbed – the victim of it.

A defendant may be able to prove that they had – the intention of returning the property to its rightful owner and did not take it for an extended period.

Additionally, the defendant can claim that before assuming possession, they – made a reasonable effort to find the property owner after discovering it to be vacant.

Another line of defense is to claim that – got no fraud or coercion involved in the owner’s decision to grant power to the defendant.

The case conditions will determine the best defense strategy, and a competent team can help the defendant after reviewing the case.