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Save Money By Selling Through A Home Buyer!

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Selling one home is a long and detailed task that demands a great deal of effort and time dedicated to finding the right buyer. Nevertheless, when one does find a viable buyer, several financial factors may affect the direct costs involving the sale of a house, depending upon the method one chooses to engage in it. The traditional method of selling one’s house includes engaging with the market on one’s own or through estate realtors who have a greater understanding of the market but also come with disadvantages.

How does a Home Buyer help save money?

  • No face and commissions required – If one chooses to hire an estate realtor when selling their house on the market, they are often required to pay a percentage of the same in the form of a commission for the scales and service of the professional. This is a hidden cost that the individual may not have factored in before, and the commission charge changes according to the realtor itself, making it vary in amounts.
  • Repair costs – By choosing a home buyer from we buy houses Beaverton, the individual does not need to engage in showing their house, and therefore they do not need to maintain the house in a pristine condition to attract customers, thus saving costs. Once the house has been sold to the home buyer, the individual does not need to worry about covering the costs involving the repair and maintenance before it is passed on to the next customer.
  • Closing costs – Another important cost incurred by sellers in the traditional method is the closing costs. This is often 1 to 2% of the sales price that needs to be paid upon the time of the deal being finalized. Instead, by choosing a home buyer, there are no closing costs to be incurred.


Selling through a home buyer is one of the most cost-effective and pocket-friendly ways in which one can put a house on the market. It is cheaper in the long run and does not contain as many hidden costs as the traditional modes of sale. Therefore to save one’s money, an individual can instead engage with https://www.ibuyhaus.com/we-buy-houses-beaverton-or/.