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Drain and Sewer Camera Inspection


For homeowners and businesses in the United States, a review of the conditions of their backyard plumbing – or any other underground utility lines – is required by law. A camera inspection can determine the condition of your drain system, and without it, there’s a risk that an obstruction could cause flooding. In addition to showing you how your drain system functions and whether deficiencies are present, a camera inspection will also help prove that you’re in compliance with local building codes and standards as well as requirements outlined by insurance companies. You can visit here https://easton-drain-unblocking.co.uk/camera-inspection/ to read more.


The first step in a camera inspection is to ensure that you’re ready for the project by working with your local or regional utility company to obtain a permit for the work. The City of Portland, for example, requires that you ask for such a permit before performing any work on municipal drains. If you have this signed from your utility company, as well as an approved camera inspection plan from your contractor, you’re all set to move forward.

Drain Camera Inspection

Camera inspections are performed using a mechanical camera that’s attached to the end of a standard utility line inspection tool. In traditional sewer camera inspections, this tool is used to manually inspect the interior of your property’s sewer pipes. With such a method, there can be inconsistencies in the measurements you obtain and any necessary repairs may not be completed promptly.

Alleviating Drain Damage


It’s important that you keep your property’s sewer lines clear of debris and other obstructions so that they can do their job of transporting wastewater away from your property. Using a drain camera inspection, you’ll be able to identify any problems in advance so that you can address them before they cause issues for your home or business.

Check for Root Intrusion

Rotting roots can cause damage to your sewer lines and result in clogs that may not be easily removed. When your sewer lines become damaged, there could be a risk of sewage backups in your home or business. With a drain camera inspection, you’ll be able to determine if there are any concerns with roots creating problems.

Determining Drain Line Condition

Some drains are made from cast iron and others are made from plastic – both have their advantages and disadvantages.