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What Is A Grill Microwave And Why Choose It?

A microwave grill or grill microwave oven is a versatile kitchen appliance, combined with the feature of a microwave oven with conventional heating and grilling elements. A grill microwave is best for reheating and cooking food immediately using microwaves but to crisp or brown the surface of the food using the convection or grill feature.

Microwave for cooking

Like any other regular microwave oven, a microwave is used to heat or cook food quickly. A microwave is a form of electromagnetic radiation that excites the water molecules in a food to generate heat. When cooking in this microwave oven, you need to put a food covering, such as using the microwave-safe lid to help retain moisture and promote even cooking.

Grilling feature

The grill function may involve a heating element that is located on the top of the oven, which crisps and browns the food surface. It is useful to make dishes, such as:

  • Grilled sandwiches
  • Kebabs
  • Types of meats

The grilling feature incorporates a heating element that provides direct heat for browning and grilling. Some bakers love to bake cakes and cookies in this microwave oven because it gives a good result. The built-in heating element in the grilling feature has a quartz or halogen element, which produces heat similar to that of a traditional oven’s broiler.

Conventional cooking

Some grill microwaves come with a convection oven feature. Convection cooking may involve the circulation of hot air in the oven, which helps in roasting and baking. The feature expands the cooking possibilities range.

Combination cooking

Grill microwave allows you to combine the following functions:

  • Microwave
  • Grilling
  • Convection

It promotes more flexible cooking options. You can use the microwave to cook the interior of the food and grill or convection feature for crisping or browning the outside.


Grill microwaves are versatile appliances suitable for different cooking tasks. It is used to reheat leftovers, which can be money-saving and food-saving, making it still edible. It can also cook frozen meals and bake, aside from the roasting and grilling feature of it.

Some grill microwaves may require preheating before using the grill function. It is similar to preheating a traditional oven and ensures that the heating element is sufficiently hot when cooking.

Settings and controls

You can grill microwave oven, which comes with various settings and controls, adjusting the following:

  • Cooking time
  • Temperature
  • Power level

The grill microwave oven comes in different sizes, choose the right measurement of this kitchen appliance suitable to your kitchen space.